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Farmerjoeandsquiggle's News

my favorite boss in conker :D

p.s this is my second photoshop pic :D
tell me what you think

the great mighty poo

photo shop is awesome :D

my first photoshop pic :D

i have no idea why i like this vid but it made my day

watch it! :P WPs&feature=channel

chain letters

2009-01-18 23:59:04 by Farmerjoeandsquiggle

i recently got chain letters ,sure they can be funny amd u might wanna join in it......but some of them go to far! does any one agree with me?

should i?

2009-01-15 18:18:04 by Farmerjoeandsquiggle

im thinking to make a second one of "anything for you"

should i?

need a voice?

2008-12-21 19:46:45 by Farmerjoeandsquiggle

soon im getting a new mic i already have an inbuilt one but it sucks :( but if any one wants a voice actor im ur guy i can do a few types of voices but cant do a women's voice it would just came out like a mouse on helium lol p.s here is a random pic i drew in like 5 minutes :D

need a voice?


2008-11-22 05:41:35 by Farmerjoeandsquiggle


my new music vid

2008-11-02 19:44:00 by Farmerjoeandsquiggle

watch it it was my second peice of work it's called any thing for you

my new music vid

go watch it its called any thing for you

'm making farmer joe series my first got blammed cause people took it seriosly but it's just for laughs .....i will probally re-post it and if it dosent get blammed i will make more and here is a pic of farmer joe

a new series i am makinng